A Guide to Living in Shah Alam

A Guide to Living in Shah Alam

Shah Alam is the state capital of Selangor since 1978. The Sultan of Selangor at the time named it after his late father, Sultan Alam Shah. It is the first planned city in Malaysia since Malaysia’s independence to make it the new administrative centre of...
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如果您是一位想要进行房屋出租的房东,或是一位在租房方面需要帮助的租户,那么,Rumah-i将为您提供满意的一站式解决方案。在Rumah-i,无论您是房东还是租户,您都可以享受全面的物业管理服务。 除此之外,为进一步提高客户的满意度, Rumah-i还推出了一个移动友好型房屋租赁平台应用程序。在这线上平台,房东和租户都可以享受多种前所未闻的物业服务。在Rumah-i,我们所拥有的专业团队能够为您提供全方位的服务,以便您获得满意的体验。 我们将向您详细的介绍这一个马来西亚首屈一指的房屋租赁平台如何轻松管理您的所有租房事宜。...


- Entitle ONE time rental collection service for free

- Rental collection service for free is limited to FIRST 1,000 properties which engage the service and is for pre-launch registered owners only.

- Tenancy agreement must be prepared by Rumah-i.