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The Zero Deposit Option Loved By Tenants and Landlords


Freedom From Deposits

Saving for a deposit to rent a home can be challenging for many tenants. To help lift the financial distress of individuals and families, Rumah-i is partnering with BlueDuck, a Fintech company, to develop a Zero Deposit scheme for our tenants and landlords.

The Zero Deposit Insurance solution helps tenants rent a home with no deposit, saving them thousands of ringgits in upfront costs. Instead, the tenant pays a small yearly insurance fee.

Landlords can also have peace of mind; signing up for the no deposit scheme allows their property to be rented out faster than their competitors.

What is Zero Deposit?

Traditionally, renters are required to pay their landlords two months of rental deposit, one month of utility deposit and one month of rental fees in advance before moving in.

However, given the current economic situation, it has become increasingly difficult for renters to obtain enough funds to cover the initial deposit.

This is where the Zero Deposit Insurance solution comes in. Tenants can rent a home with no deposit and only pay for the rental, insurance and estimated agreement fee. Let’s take a look below:

We’re solving renters’ biggest financial problems; the Zero Deposit Insurance scheme makes renting faster and more affordable for tenants.

Good For Tenants, Great For Landlords

Renters can enjoy reduced financial strain and other numerous benefits the Zero Deposit Insurance Solution has to offer.

However, they’re not alone – landlords too can benefit from the Zero Deposit scheme. Our survey shows landlords offering zero deposit will have higher tenant demand, reduced void periods and a simplified rental process.

Attract Tenants Faster

By offering Zero Deposit renting, more people will be interested in your property. It broadens your customer range as many people prefer a zero deposit to the traditional security deposit offer.

Reduced Void Periods

With more tenants interested in zero deposit option properties, landlords enjoy quicker turnarounds between tenancy agreements, resulting in extra visibility for their rental properties and reduced void periods.

Easy Rental Process

The Rumah-i app is an accessible and secure home rental platform for landlords and tenants. The entire renting process can be done on the app, from digital tenancy, identity authentication, tenant’s credit assessment, automated rental collection, tenancy manager, insurance… You name it, we have it!

How Does It Work?

At Rumah-i, we aim to create sustainable value for property owners, tenants and strategic stakeholders in Malaysia. Through our collaboration with BlueDuck, a company that shares our goals, you know you will be in safe hands.

Measures To Screen Tenants

BlueDuck Tenant Profiling

BlueDuck’s Tenant Profile feature was developed to help landlords make better and well-informed decisions before accepting their tenants.

With thousands of agents already onboard to contribute to the database, landlords can view their prospective tenant’s credit record and scores, income-rental ratio and previous landlords’ reviews.

iDD Pay

Our iDD Pay is a direct debit solution that turns monthly payments cashless effortlessly, with an option for automatic deduction.

Tenants can pay with their current or savings account, and landlords can lower the chances of receiving late payments, reducing default rental risk by 90%.

Better Protected

We provide landlord insurance for worry-free rental, protecting you from runaway tenants, outstanding utility bills and malicious damage

Easy Claim Process

  • Check for any malicious damage to your property.
  • Lodge a police report.
  • Prepare proof of all unpaid utility bills (if applicable).

BlueDuck Tech Rental Malaysia Packages

For Units

BlueDuck Tech Rental Malaysia Packages

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We’d Love To Hear From You

If you need answers or information about the Zero Deposit scheme, please leave us a message in the form below.

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Zero Deposit Insurance FAQ

How can I move in without paying a rental deposit?
Interested tenants can sign up for the Zero Deposit package. Once verified, you can quickly move into your dream home and be a responsible tenant!
Do I need to pay a rental deposit?
No. The BlueDuck Zero Deposit solution replaces the need for a rental deposit.
Why do I need to use iDD Pay for rental collection?
For easy rental collection, tenants must sign up for iDD Pay as no rental deposit was collected.
Are there any terms and conditions for renting without a deposit?
You will be held liable per the tenancy agreement and would need to register for our iDD Pay solution for automated rental payment.

Moreover, your name will be registered into BlueDuck’s preferred credit agency should a claim be submitted.

What is covered under the Zero Deposit Insurance solution?
Landlords are covered for runaway tenants, outstanding utility bills and malicious damage as per the selected package.
What are the costs involved?
  • The cost of the selected zero deposit package
  • 3% service fee for every successful rental collection via the iDD Pay “direct debit” solution. The landlord will receive 97% of the rental.
How can landlords make a claim?
Make a police report and drop an email to Your tenant’s name will be registered into BlueDuck’s preferred credit agency upon claim submission.

Please be advised to reach a mutual agreement before the claim is raised to avoid miscommunication.

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