Best Areas to Live Near MRT Line in Malaysia

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For those of you who are on the hunt for houses, you must want to have the perfect one for yourself. When searching for homes, you will have to consider a few things. However, the most important one has got to be the location. That’s the first thing that you’d have to keep in mind – the perfect housing location. That’s why today, we will be talking about the Best Areas to Live near the MRT Line in Malaysia.

Besides the locations, you should also put transportations into consideration. These two factors are especially important when we are currently living in a developing country. Combining the two would be considering areas to live near MRT or LRT lines in the city.

Now, the real question is – where? You might be wondering if there are any places here in Malaysia which fulfil those two factors. And our answer to you – yes, there is! Kuala Lumpur, which is Malaysia’s capital city, is the place which has both the perfect locations and transportations.  

Kuala Lumpur is best known to be the country’s busiest city; many would opt to live here. Whether you wish to live in a condominium, apartment or even a semi-detached house, Kuala Lumpur has them all! Besides that, the establishment of the Sungai – Kajang MRT line (SBK line) makes living in Kuala Lumpur easier, too. The SBK line is 51km long, comprising of 31 stations along the route. Thus, with that, those living near the MRT line will be able to commute easily around Kuala Lumpur! 

Today, we will be talking about the Best Areas to Live near the MRT Line in Malaysia. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you would already have an idea about where you would like to live. Without further ado, let’s get started! 

1U Bandar Utama Areas Near MRT

1.    Bandar Utama

If you’re familiar with One Utama shopping centre, you will definitely be familiar with Bandar Utama, as well. However, did you know, Bandar Utama was once occupied with less than 100 people? That’s a ghost town! But now, Bandar Utama is known to be a trendy spot. Hence, it isn’t a surprise that the properties near the Bandar Utama MRT are favoured, especially among students. This is because there are various schools and Universities around the Bandar Utama region.  

For the Bandar Utama MRT, it is the eighth station on the SBK line, directly connected to the One Utama Shopping Centre. Besides shopping malls, business areas and office blocks surround the Bandar Utama region as well. It is also quite near to its neighbourhood area, which is TTDI. This area is perfect for those who want to have fun, but study or work at the same time! Whether you’re a working adult or a student, the houses near Bandar Utama MRT are the right choices for you!

Examples of Properties near the Bandar Utama MRT Station:

  • Kiara Park
  • Damansara Utama Terrace Houses
  • Villa Flora TTDI
  • Rumah Pangsa Kayu Ara
  • Pangsapuri Pelangi Ara

2.    Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Taman Tun Dr Ismail (commonly known with the abbreviation TTDI) is a wealthy township which got its name after Tun Dr Ismail bin Abdul Rahman. TTDI first began as an old rubber estate plantation, then, continued to develop into the famous township it is today. 

The properties near TTDI began to become popular when the services for TTDI MRT started operating. The public can now travel around easily with this MRT service which is also part of the SBK MRT line. Not to forget, they also offer varied options of properties for their fellow buyers to choose from, as well. For those working at the offices in TTDI, you might want to consider moving into the properties near the TTDI MRT!

Examples of Properties near the TTDI MRT Station:

  • Glomac Damansara
  • Desa Kiara
  • TTDI Ascencia
  • Sinaran TTDI
  • The Plaza TTDI Condo

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3.    Mont Kiara

Now, if you’re one who doesn’t mind spending an extra amount when buying a property, you might want to take a look in Mont Kiara. Although there isn’t a specific station to Mont Kiara itself, you can stop by the Pusat Bandar Damansara station on the SBK line. From there, you can get to Mont Kiara by using the feeder buses provided. 

This area is also perfect for those who enjoy the green scenery as Bukit Kiara is just situated backyard! With that, you would often see the people of Mont Kiara doing various outdoor activities during their free time. Sounds exciting. And not to forget, Mont Kiara is also the place where popular International schools are located. So, if you plan to send your children to a prestigious school, you might want to consider the houses in Mont Kiara. 

Furthermore, Mont Kiara is also best for those who love food. This area is surrounded with so many cafes and restaurants – making it hard for one to choose where to eat. You can also find many office blocks as you go around. In short, if you enjoy the Live-Work-Play motto in life, Mont Kiara is the perfect place for you to live. 

Examples of Properties near Mont Kiara:

  • Kiara Hills
  • Kiara Peak
  • Verve Suites
  • Arcoris Mont Kiara
  • Kiara 9

4.    Kota Damansara

This area also deserves to be known as one of the best areas to live near the MRT line. The Kota Damansara MRT is the fifth station along the SBK line. Kota Damansara is where you can find different types of facilities and conveniences. Due to its proximity to amenities, a lot of people find this area to be favourable to live in. 

In Kota Damansara, various types of housing properties are offered to range from condominiums, bungalows, apartments; you name it! You will get to choose which is the best choice for yourself. Besides that, there are also malls surrounding the area such as Encorp Strand Mall and Sunway Giza Mall. You can go over to these malls during the weekend for some shopping and entertainment! 

If you are an outdoor person, we also suggest moving into this area. You can opt to do some outdoor activities at The Kota Damansara Community Park Forest. Those outdoor activities include having picnics, sports and hiking! This area is simply perfect for people of all ages. 

Examples of Properties near the Kota Damansara MRT Station:

  • D’Shire Villa
  • Cova Suites
  • Cosa Villa
  • Casa Indah 1
  • Casa Indah 2

5.    Sungai Buloh

Now, when one mentions Sungai Buloh, you must be thinking about Sungai Buloh Hospital, correct? However, did you know, Sungai Buloh is also one of the most popular housing areas in Malaysia? Varying from terraced houses to bungalows to apartments to condominiums; the list goes on and on!

The Sungai Buloh MRT station is the endpoint on the SBK line. Besides that, the station serves as a significant transportation hub for the public. The public will be able to travel to the rest of the town area with the transportations provided here. For example, it is an interchange station for the KTM Komuter. Hence, it is no doubt that the properties near the Sungai Buloh MRT station are in high demand!

Examples of Properties near the Sungai Buloh MRT Station:

  • Villamas Condo
  • Sierramas
  • Valencia 3 Storey Terrace
  • Bukit Rahman Putra
  • Saujana Damansara 2 Storey Terrace

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