What is a Cluster House and Its Benefits

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A cluster house, also known as a strata-landed house, is a unique type of private property that is structured in groups relatively close to each other, often taking on the form of terraced homes, semi-detached homes or sometimes bungalows. The main perk of this type of landed property is that you get to utilise lifestyle facilities that you’d usually find in a condominium. 

If you are veering towards buying a cluster house but you are still hesitant whether it’s suitable, let us explore what it means to live in a cluster home and the benefits it entails. 

Cluster Housing Explained

As mentioned, cluster houses are a development where the homes are built close together within a gated community. The remainder of open land becomes a common ground in residential development, allowing space for facilities like gymnasiums or swimming pools. 

Because the houses are closely grouped, investment costs in roads, utility lines and the public sector’s maintenance are mitigated. 

Benefits of Living in a Cluster House

The benefits of living in a cluster home are abundant. Some of them include exclusivity and access to shared facilities, security, family-friendliness, affordability and the potential return on investment.

Benefits of Living in a Cluster House

I. Exclusivity & access to shared facilities 

Setting up residency in a cluster housing development is like living in a mini-village due to its gated community. This exudes a sense of exclusivity and in turn, tranquillity. Since the homes are in such proximity, you can form substantial relationships with your neighbours and establish a kind of trust. 

All you have to do is share lifestyle facilities with other residents, such as the gym and swimming pool. However, this type of low-density living means that these facilities are divided among fewer people compared to that of condominiums. You wouldn’t have to engage in a battle for space or parking spots. 

II. Security 24/7


This benefit is a no-brainer. By being part of a guarded living community, cluster houses come with 24/7 security. Security systems are firmly in place to limit access from the public, providing peace of mind that your property and family is always safe. 

No more worrying about snatch thieves and home break-ins!

III. Perfect for families with little ones

More often than not, cluster housing properties are equipped with playgrounds, open spaces and a tempting range of kid-friendly facilities, granting children with the freedom to run around and go wild. Additionally, cluster houses are typically part of a township that presents amenities like nearby schools and parks, making it all the more ideal for families raising little ones. 

Perfect for families with little ones

IV. More affordable

Most landed homeowners get priced out of the market due to the large quantum required when purchasing landed properties. Comparatively, cluster homes have a lower price tag and are targeted at a broader market segment. 

So if you wish to upgrade to a more luxurious living in Malaysia, cluster houses are something to be seriously considered. 

V. Potential return on investment

Potential return on investment

If you wish to sell your cluster house a few years down the line, we have good news for you! Real estate studies have shown that strata-landed housing tends to appreciate more quickly over time compared to traditional private properties. 

Now that we’ve gone through the various benefits of living in a cluster home, it’s apparent why this type of landed property is popular among new homeowners. So if you enjoy private clubhouses, barbecue areas, gyms and more, cluster houses might just be right up your alley! 

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