Cohabitation @Homevest Coliving: Is This Modern Lifestyle for You?

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Times are a-changing, and so are living arrangements. Cohabitation and co-living offer the pursuit of independence and choice highly desired by today’s young adults. Primarily, young workers and fresh grads can avoid bearing the total weight of exorbitant rental rates when their careers are just beginning.

The benefits of this practice are tenfold: cheaper yet quality living in good neighbourhoods, shared facilities, environmental sustainability, etc. Perhaps the best takeaway for co-living is the natural ability to socialise with a harmonious community.

As relationship patterns evolve, couples are increasingly opting for this modern lifestyle. Nevertheless, research has shown that both singles and couples can thrive just as well in a co-living community. If you’ve never considered cohabitation as a preferable living option, we’re here to tell you why it could be.

What is Cohabitation or Co-living?

Cohabitation is a form of living that integrates private accommodations with common areas, such as a co-working space, gym, kitchen, etc. Meanwhile, an external operator manages the living quarters, much like a hotel save for the extravagant pricing.

Forms of co-living differ, from smaller residences to condominiums with hundreds of private rooms. It is the perfect fit for remote workers looking to meet new people or those who require more affordable housing in locations of high regard.

Easy Living in a Cohabitated Space

Usually, long lock-in periods and inflexible leases can be a pain, especially for digital nomads. Travelling or relocating for work is never out of the question for many young people, but what about accommodation?

This issue is precisely what a cohabitation lifestyle aims to amend. It provides short-term leases, sometimes even monthly periods, and alleviates the burden of household chores. That’s right; you’ll have more time on your hands to do what you actually love.

Plus, residents will be moving into a fully furnished, serviced, and managed unit without extra hassle. Similar to rental spaces, cohabitation is all-inclusive with WiFi, TV, laundry appliances, housekeeping services, maintenance, and other contemporary facilities.

Easy Living in a Cohabitated Space

Shared Community, Shared Values

Cohabitation is ordinarily built on a hierarchical governance and concrete decision-making structure. This way of living can lead to a community sharing the same vision and principles, where cooperation, mutual support and assistance are always available.

Moreover, it presents new opportunities for continuous learning, whether in patience or understanding and valuing multiple perspectives.

Active Social Engagement At Home

Arriving in a new city or neighbourhood could get daunting and lonely, even for a social butterfly. Co-living serves as a welcoming gateway to cultivate meaningful connections, engage in social activities, and attend community events.

There are various meeting spots for interaction in cohabitation residences, such as gardens, patios, kitchen spaces, and more. That way, you can enjoy cooking, joining communal meals, or other leisure activities with other members anytime you wish.

Some co-living operators also organise plenty of community-led events, such as yoga classes, karaoke nights and barbecue parties to help new arrivals break the ice. It’s a spectacular way to forge long-lasting friendships and establish an emotional support pillar that will help you through significant events, or even when all you need is a ride to the airport.

All in all, having access to a physical community can be beneficial to your mental health and your overall quality of life.

Undeterred Privacy (for the most part)

If you’re wary about cohabitation due to privacy reasons, rest assured that it will not be compromised. Although you live in a community-centred environment, you can retreat to the comfort of your managed room whenever.

Social interactions in a co-living space are all about the choice of participation, so you can easily opt-out for some much needed personal time. However, couples who prefer being alone over socialising with a community during non-working hours may not appreciate this kind of living arrangement.

Quality Living At Homevest

Quality Living At Homevest

Whether you’re a working millennial or a fresh grad entering the workforce, Homevest offers attractive opportunities for co-living. In partnership with Rumah-i, Homevest strives to provide dynamic properties for rent, ensuring maximum comfort with fully managed services.

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