Green Living Rooms: 10 Ideas to Recreate a Refreshing Space

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A home is our sanctuary from the mayhem of the outside world. Typically, our living room is the space where we spend most of our time aside from our bedroom. Unsurprisingly, green living rooms are trending due to the calming vibes that nature exudes.

Whether it is to improve air quality, live sustainably or add a dash of calm in your home, we have curated a list of ideas that will hopefully inspire your decorating decisions.

Here are ten eco-friendly ideas for lively, lush green living rooms.

1. There is no such thing as too many plants

What better way to go green in your living room than by bringing nature to you? Enjoy the freshness in the air as your plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

Plants can also be your natural filtration system. They absorb toxic chemicals in the air and release harmless by-products.

2. Light up the space with LED lights

If you’re still using the conventional energy-guzzling light bulbs, this is your sign to switch over to LED. Not only are you reducing your carbon footprint, but you will be saving on your electricity bill too.

Designed to be energy-efficient, LED lights are brighter, cheaper and emit less heat. It is time to make the switch to green living rooms.

3. Decorate the space with alternative materials

While you may think that wood furniture is one way to be environmentally friendly, this is far from reality.

Aside from the issues of deforestation and irresponsible logging, the chemicals used to seal and coat the wood usually give off volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

For your green living room decorations, you can go for materials like metal, bamboo, stone and glass, which are plentiful.

Decorate the space with alternative materials

4. Furniture made from sustainable sources or materials

When choosing or buying new furniture, you can opt for sustainable or recycled materials, such as sustainably sourced wood.

For instance, bamboo is an excellent choice because it proliferates and can be organically grown with pesticides and fertilisers.

5. Natural flooring or textiles

For floorings of green living rooms, you can consider changing to natural materials like parquet. That way, you can reduce plastic waste and prevent off-gassing.

You can also opt for natural, washable fibres for your carpets, rugs, sofa and throws. These materials will give a touch of texture, design and colour to green living rooms.

Natural flooring or textiles

6. Pieces of furniture that are old but gold

Save money and the environment when you purchase preloved furniture and décor items.

From retro design to vintage sophistication, you can choose intricate and quirky pieces that will show off your style.

Head to a preloved store or shopping platform to browse for bargains to help create green living rooms without breaking the bank.

7. Make use of natural lighting

Placing mirrors in ideal positions across windows or walls can help to amplify the natural light streaming into green living rooms.

This can help create a sense of well-being and calm in green living rooms while reducing energy consumption.

Light up the space with LED lights

8. Use greener, less harmful paints

With a fresh coat of low-VOC paint, you can breathe new life into your living room. Make sure to choose greener products that have less harmful compounds like VOC.

Those compounds can be harmful to the environment and human health, contributing to pollution and depletion of the ozone layer.

9. Energy-saving appliances and electronics

Replace your older TVs or electronics that consume high amounts of energy with newer models that are energy-efficient.

Generally, newer electronics and appliances have lower energy demand and a longer lifespan.

10. Choose the right candles

Lighting candles can cast a warm glow and create ambience in your living space. However, did you know that cheaper candles may contain VOCs as well as metal to keep the wick upright?

It’s important to pick candles made from natural materials like soy or beeswax and contain natural fragrances, such as essential oils.

Choose the right candles

Now, we hope that you have some ideas on how to renovate and redecorate to create green living rooms for your properties!

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