Guide to Clean and Disinfect Your House Properly

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Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, the government has advised the public to stay at home in order to be safe. People who stay at home are at lower risks of getting infected by the virus compared to those who are out in public areas. When everybody gives their full cooperation by staying home and not going out unnecessarily, it’s easier for the front-liners to fight the on-going pandemic. Thus, we have to be aware of the proper way to disinfect our house to lower the chances of coronavirus infection.

Whether we like it or not; self-isolation is now part of our daily lives. However, on the right side of it – it has actually helped in flattening the curve of the virus! Although the numbers are decreasing each day, it doesn’t mean that the virus is completely gone; it’s still around us.

Considering how it is a disease that spreads through droplets or close contact, the virus can stay on different surfaces at an average of 3 days. We all know that people-to-people transmission of the virus is much riskier, but the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) had advised everyone to clean and disinfect their houses at least once daily. This is because surfaces may also infect people with the virus. Today, here is a guide on how to disinfect your home properly.

How to Disinfect Your Home Properly

Cleaning Vs. Disinfecting: Is there a Difference?

Everyone needs to understand that cleaning and disinfecting are two different things. Cleaning helps in reducing the number of contaminants on surfaces; whereas disinfecting kills the pathogens on surfaces.

It is easy to clean – you simply need water and soap. However, for disinfection, water and soap are not enough to kill the germs. Thus, it’s essential to get yourself a disinfectant agent first, before you wish to disinfect your house.

Cleaning Vs. Disinfecting

Choosing the right Cleaning Products to Kill COVID-19

One thing which most of you have to keep in mind is that not all cleaning products work to kill the novel coronavirus. If you’re looking for disinfectants, you can purchase them online or at your local grocers. However, before purchasing, make sure you read the labels of the products first. The labels will usually indicate the kind of viruses they’re affective against – so find one which can work against coronaviruses.

For more information, you can read on the complete list of disinfectants released by the EPA.
Some examples of disinfectants include:

  • Disinfectant sprays: Clorox, Lysol and Purell
  • Disinfecting wipes: Lysol, Clorox or any store brands
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Isopropyl alcohol

However, we understand how stocks for disinfectants are usually low in stores due to the current pandemic. With that, you can also make your own homemade disinfectant spray by following the instructions released by CDC. Since bleach is quite excessive, you will have to be extra cautious when using it – always wear a pair of gloves, open up the windows for ventilation and be wary when spraying.

Choosing the right Cleaning Products to Kill COVID-19

Cleaning and Disinfecting Properly

Before you clean, it is advisable for you to wear a pair of disposable or reusable gloves. Start by cleaning the contaminants, debris or specks of dust away from the surface. You can do this by using soap and water, and a piece of cloth to wipe it dry later on. Then, use a disinfectant to disinfect the surface. For the disinfection process, the EPA advises leaving the product to sit on the surface for about 10 minutes. Thus, this way, 99.9% of the germs can be killed. Also, when you are using disinfecting wipes, avoid using the same piece of wipe for other surfaces. Try and practice using different wipes for different surfaces instead.

You do not have to go through the hassle of cleaning and disinfecting every corner of your house every week. Instead, ensure to focus on surfaces which are frequently touched, such as:

  • Doorknobs
  • Kitchen Counters
  • Faucets
  • Remote Controls
  • Dining Tables
  • Dining chairs
  • Toilets (handle and seat)
  • Bathroom counters
  • Sinks
  • Light switches
  • Mobile devices
  • Refrigerator, microwave, oven and dishwasher handles

Note: Remember to discard your disposable gloves, or carefully disinfect your reusable gloves after using them. After you’ve completed both the cleaning and disinfecting processes, wash your hands thoroughly with soap. It is also important to always read the instructions for the disinfectant products which you have bought.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Properly

And, that’s about it. The steps to clean and disinfect your house might be tiresome, but doing so for once a week is undoubtedly going to be life-changing. It can help lower the risk of us getting the virus and falling sick. Until there is finally a vaccine for it, remember always to stay at home and stay safe – for yourself and the people around you. 

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