Livspace x Rumah-i: Affordable Home Makeovers in Malaysia

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Looking for help with your home makeover in Malaysia? Luckily for you, Rumah-i is partnering with Livspace, Asia’s fastest-growing interior design and renovation service provider.

Whether you’re looking to redecorate or remodel your rental unit, the hard reality of home makeovers is that they are more complex and time-consuming than many expect.

However, with some help from Livspace, your home makeover will go more smoothly. Livspace specialises in turning dreams into reality by bringing together expert designers, contractors and brands — and they’ve done it successfully for 50,000+ homes across 4 countries!

Read on to learn more about Livspace and how they can help you transform your rental home.

4 Reasons Why You Should Work With Livspace

Home makeovers are challenging regardless of the size; they involve many aspects and require significant funds.

While you may want to do the makeover yourself to save costs, working with a reputable interior design and renovation service provider is recommended. They will help you get the job done right the first time, avoid costly mistakes, and guarantee long-lasting results.

Here are 4 reasons why Livspace is the right choice for you:

Modern Designs

  • We have four popular modern designs you can choose from.

Value For Money

  • Our incredible starter package is available at an affordable price.

Flexible Services

  • We provide customisable add-ons to meet your needs.

We Value Transparency

  • We provide our clients with reliable updates in every step of your home makeover journey, from costing to handover.

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How Livspace’s Home Makeover Package Works

Our Home Makeover Package allows you to design your dream home at an affordable price. You can select your preferred style from our four modern design options: minimalist, boho, urbane and japandi.

In our starter package, we offer multiple services to transform your foyer, living room, dining room and master bedroom, including painting, lighting, furnishing and more.

Moreover, in order to bring your dream home to life, we offer a range of add-ons to deliver a flawless home makeover.

Livspace x IKEA

Livspace x IKEA

Livspace is also in collaboration with IKEA to bring better interior design and renovation services to their clients.

This partnership will give tenants access to personalised designs, high-quality home furnishings and installation work, transparent pricing, and guaranteed move-in timelines. 

From design to installation, you can trust Livspace to handle everything in your home makeover journey, from renovation to furnishing.

Moreover, Livspace provides trustworthy renovations for your IKEA furnished home with:

  • Dedicated interior designers
  • Verified contractors
  • Move-in ready home with IKEA furniture
  • Design to installation services
  • Transparent timelines
  • Assured quality

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Home Makeovers Made Easy

Home makeovers can be costly. Therefore, it is recommended to work with an experienced interior design and renovation service provider who has the knowledge and resources to transform your rental into something you will love.

If you’re looking to transform your rental home, Rumah-i offers a comprehensive property management package to resolve your problems.

With our housekeeping, moving, maintenance and laundry services, as well as home makeovers by Livspace, renting a home is easier than ever.

If you are interested in learning more, you can visit Livspace’s official website and contact us for more information.


- Entitle ONE time rental collection service for free

- Rental collection service for free is limited to FIRST 1,000 properties which engage the service and is for pre-launch registered owners only.

- Tenancy agreement must be prepared by Rumah-i.