Inclusive And Accessible Properties In The Klang Valley

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Inclusive housing encompasses buildings, developments or neighbourhoods home to people with diverse life experiences, backgrounds and needs. They come with accessible features or reasonable modifications that make daily life easier for people with physical or mental impairments, like support bars, ramps and wider doorways.

Finding the perfect home is already a complex process, but locating the best disabled-friendly property poses additional challenges. However, pre-planning, knowing your rights and accessing the right resources can help you find your ideal home.

In this article, we’ll outline a few key features to look for in inclusive housing and the 5 disabled-friendly properties available in Malaysia.

What To Look For In Inclusive Properties

What To Look For In Inclusive Properties

Successful inclusive housing offers people a choice in where and who they live with. It is affordable and fosters relationships among people. More importantly, it promotes safety and should be nearby transportation, shopping and medical facilities. Here are a few features you can expect to find in a disabled-friendly property.

Different Architecture

Inclusive properties may offer wider and taller spaces with more accessible routes to accommodate a person who uses a wheelchair. They also have different materials for flooring, such as thicker carpets or flooring with padding for those with mobility issues. Plus, the extra space gives people with disabilities comfort and more room to navigate.

Not everyone with mobility issues is unable to walk — sometimes, walking causes discomfort. Softer surfaces ease the strain on the joints compared to hardwood floors, while the added space leaves room for chairs and other furniture in case a person needs a quick sit.

Modified Appliances

Anyone with mobility issues may prefer controls on appliances or fixtures to be lower to the ground or closer to the front. Moreover, for people who experience pain while moving, reaching and straining can be difficult and dangerous. In these cases, a front-loading washer and dryer can be helpful.

For people with memory or cognitive issues, user-friendly devices are best for them. Simplified controls reduce the chance that an incorrect setting could cause a burnt dinner, shrunken laundry or even an emergency.

Safety Add-Ons

Small safety features can be added for those who do not need major modifications to their living space. These can include adding a safety rail or grab bars in the shower, and having one-touch shutoff buttons for appliances. This allows for a balance of independence and safety.

5 Inclusive Properties In The Klang Valley

1. The Birch

The Birch

The Birch is a serviced apartment in Kuala Lumpur. The development is located close to the city centre, with good connectivity via major roads and highways such as the Duta-Ulu Kelang Expressway (DUKE).

Highly accessible location aside, the development is equipped with disabled-friendly features, including OKU parking on the ground floor. Its lobby has a ramp for easy wheelchair access, and the elevators have a horizontal button panel for easier navigation.

Moreover, The Birch has security systems to ensure a safer environment for unit owners. Other features include access cards to gain entry to designated floors and 24-hour security with CCTV surveillance. As for facilities, residents can venture into the herb garden or stay active on the yoga deck, infinity pool and children’s playground.

2. Tuai Residence

Tuai Residence

Tuai Residence is crafted for inclusive communities with diverse needs and abilities. The freehold development is located next to the Eco Ardence township in Setia Alam.

Tuai Residence is designed with accessibility for all – regardless of age, ability, or disability. Its key attractions are its senior-friendly features, including home care, community events, amenities within reach, and homes and common areas that address the varied needs of individuals from different backgrounds.

Moreover, it offers other inclusive services for its residents, such as:

  • Ramps, lifts and link bridges for wheelchairs, baby strollers, and seniors
  • Ramps located at unit entrances, yards and toilets for wheelchair access
  • Wide doorways for wheelchairs in common areas and designated doorways inside housing units
  • Widened fire stairs for stretchers in the event of an emergency
  • Care Office on-site with a registered nurse and designated staff trained in first aid
  • CCTV and 24-hour security

3. The Goodwood Residence

The Goodwood Residence

Situated in Bangsar South, the Goodwood Residence comprises 678 units of luxurious suite apartments. Like many properties on this list, the Goodwood Residence embodies inclusive and multi-generational living, with safety features that make it easily accessible for the elderly and disabled.

For seniors, there is an aqua gym and a heated pool to exercise and warm their joints. Other facilities include a wellness zone, kid’s cycling track, bamboo trail and many more. These facilities encourage better bonds between multiple generations and promote a healthy family environment.

The Goodwood Residence also prioritises enabling residents to age in place. Every unit has anti-slip tiles and floors, and wide corridors to allow a wheelchair to move easily. Furthermore, the bathrooms have no steps for added safety and wheelchair accessibility.

4. The Riyang

The Riyang

Built on 2.03 acres worth of freehold land in Kuchai Lama, The Riyang is a low-density residential condominium developed by Suntrack Development Sdn Bhd. With only one block towering at 35 storeys, there will only be around eight units per floor for more privacy.

The property encompasses green features like a rainwater harvesting system and laminated windows to keep residents cool. Moreover, the building is designed to make the most out of natural light and air ventilation for common areas like the lift lobby.

Suntrack Development also prioritises providing inclusive facilities with disabled, elderly, and children-friendly common areas and toilets. The property is also highly secured, with 24-hour CCTV surveillance, perimeter fencing and alarm system and round-the-clock security patrol.

5. Sunway Geolake

Sunway Geolake

Last on the list is Sunway Geolake, a leasehold condominium located at Jalan Lagoon Selatan in Subang Jaya. The project will be completed in  2022, with 420 units available for sale or rent.

Sunway Geolake Condominium is perfect for families. The condominium is situated nearby amenities such as malls, eateries, leisure spots and facilities. Residents of this condominium can enjoy the perks of living in a quiet but well-located area.

Apart from being the first-ever urban farming community garden in Sunway City, the property also has disabled-friendly features such as:

  • Car porch with ramp: The condo tower drop-off area features a seamless, no-step design for easier access.
  • Entrance door with ramp: The main entrance doors are 1100 mm to 1200 mm wide for full wheelchair circulation, while bedroom doors are sufficiently wide for wheelchair access as well.
  • Small ramps in bathrooms: All bathrooms follow the same seamless, no-step design to keep elderly residents safe.
  • Lowered switches and handles: As with standard practice for all of Sunway’s recent developments, handles are fitted at 1000 mm, and light switches at 1200 mm.

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