Life in Sentul: 4 Key Characteristics That Captivate Property Buyers

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Sentul is a suburb in northern Kuala Lumpur located between Segambut and Titiwangsa. It is an ideal residential area for those who wish to enjoy the suburb life while remaining close to the city centre since it is only 5km away. Sentul is famous for its drastic change in infrastructure, where its iconic futuristic apartments stand in the spotlight. 

As a former railway hub filled with historical religious structures and pre-war shops, Sentul possesses a sense of antiquity. It is known for its juxtaposition between pre-war buildings and futuristic developments.

A rare suburb close to the city centre, Sentul also possesses attractive characteristics that property developers and buyers can’t ignore. Check out Sentul’s 4 undeniably captivating traits.

1. Connectivity

According to a real estate negotiator, Sentul is a rare suburban area in KL with several entries and exits to major roads and highways.

For instance, Sentul offers easy access to the rest of the Klang Valley via the DUKE Highway, MRR2, Duta-Segambut Highway, and the Sentul Link. These highways will connect you to Jalan Tun Razak, Jalan Ipoh, Jalan Kuching, and Lebuhraya Sultan Iskandar.

Moreover, Sentul provides public transport for its residents and visitors via the LRT Sentul, Sentul Timur station, and the MRT Sentul Barat Station, which will be completed and part of the MRT Putrajaya Line.

Lastly, Sentul sits 5km away from the city centre, making it a perfect residential area for whoever needs quick access to the city, whether for work or play.


2. Diversity

Sentul offers a range of properties for low to high-income groups.

For instance, SkyWorld Development Group developer has two projects: Sky Awani 1 and Sky Awani 2. These are under the Federal Territories Affordable Home Programme, and so, the price range is RM201 to RM400 psf.

Meanwhile, the price psf for high-end developments goes up to RM700. In contrast, the median price psf is RM316. And so, Malaysians of all income groups can enjoy the comforts and conveniences Sentul offers.

3. New and Established Developments

The most notable developments are YTL’s The Fennel, The Capers, and The Maple. These high-end residences are exactly why Sentul’s appeal has grown. Thus, attracting other property developers. For example, Mah Sing Group, UOA Group, and SkyWorld Development have joined in re-establishing Sentul to a state of glory.

Sentul’s ongoing projects include high-end apartments, commercial, lifestyle, and integrated developments. These projects will eventually house thousands of suite apartments and shop offices.

New and Established Developments

4. Revitalization

Sentul was in a state of decline and infamous for gang fights during the night. However, things changed once YTL Land & Development took over in 2002 and revolutionized Sentul into its current state.

YTL has made Sentul a highly desired suburb by improving its living conditions and image. Examples are the iconic developments like The Fennel and The Capers. Compared to 20 years ago, these skyscrapers have entirely changed the Sentul skyline.

Moreover, Sentul is now famous for the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre, the Sentul Depot event space, Sentul Park, and Metropolitan Batu Park.

Now residents can enjoy picnics and outings at Sentul Park – a 35-acre private and gated park owned by YTL and the Metropolitan Batu Park. Occurrences that didn’t exist a mere decade ago.

Sentul’s property market reflects the demand for Sentul property, which has gradually and steadily grown over the past ten years. For instance, Maple Condominium’s price psf increased from RM550 to RM700 in six years.

The Next Step

More potential buyers and investors will undoubtedly flock towards Sentul as further advancements in residential buildings, commercial centres, and infrastructure grow.

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