List Your Property and Gain Tenants with Rumah-i

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Are you a property owner, a landlord or a property agent looking to rent your place? It might be challenging because everyone is affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. We all want to be safe, to work and safely do business as well. With that said, what if we told you that as landlords and property agents, you could list your property in Malaysia with a touch of a finger?

Rumah-i has got the solution for you. Rumah-i is Malaysia’s number one mobile-friendly home renting platform. Gone are the days where landlords and agents have to make tedious trips to and fro the property, plus meeting with potential tenants.

At Rumah-i, anyone can manage their property rental matters digitally and conveniently. As we enter into a new phase where digital property marketing is making its way and bringing efficacy into the social housing sector; what makes this transition so unique that landlords can benefit from it?

Here are some reasons why property agents can benefit from using Rumah-i’s home renting platform to list their properties.

First of all, the Rumah-i home renting application is free for anyone to use. Property agents and tenants alike can utilise the services provided by the app for free. Although some add-on services may require additional charges, the essential features are all available and accessible. No sign-up and registration fees required!

Besides that, the Rumah-i app is the perfect way to list your property in Malaysia within your fingertips. Instead of taking out some extra time to write or type your listings out, the Rumah-i app gives you convenience by listing your property with just a few clicks.

post your listings within your fingertips

For example, property agents can list down their property location, click on a selected property type from several options, room types, preferences and date of availability, all in the Rumah-i home renting platform. It will undoubtedly save you a lot of time and effort than usual!

Other than that, Rumah-i also has a viewing manager feature to help you better manage your appointments. As a property agent with a few to a lot of listings, it can be challenging to keep track of some appointments. With this feature in Rumah-i, you won’t have to worry about missing any.

viewing manager feature to help you better manage your appointments

Rumah-i helps landlords and property agents to keep track of pending appointments that need to be managed. A reminder will also be given to the users about upcoming appointments. For example, Rumah-i will display a ‘Pending Action’ section where the date and time of the appointment will be stated at individual property listings. It will also mention what kind of work that is pending, such as cleaning services appointment or property-viewing arrangements.

Hold on; it gets better! The Rumah-i home renting platform also has a performance tracker installed in the app for property agents to track your performances efficiently.

performance tracker

Through the app, users can view their earnings from their property. They can also view the statements for it. It is incredibly convenient as you can find everything here in the app, instead of referring to your bank account or statements manually.

Other than that, property agents are also able to track how many views on average and sealed deals they have per day, month and year. You can also check the conversion rate that may be ever-changing too. Again, utilising the Rumah-i app to track your performance is convenient at another level; as everything you need to refer to is in one place. There’s no more need to go back and forth from physical copies and multiple sources for updates and information like these.

Lastly, one of the best things you can obtain from using the Rumah-i home renting platform is the use of digital tenancies. Digital tenancies can greatly save property agents’ time and cost from getting signatures of both parties. Not to mention, the cost and time of travel to get documents stamped by the LHDN stamp office.

A big reason why property agents should start listing their properties online is that digital tenancies can facilitate an end-to-end, contact-free rental process. Property agents will not have to meet up with tenants physically to refer or get signatures from both parties as E-signatures come into play. With that said, property agents and tenants do not have to worry about security issues and impersonation fraud; as the relevant documents, contracts and transactions are stored in a secure platform. Besides that, the signatures are protected by the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), for a higher level of security that protects data transmissions between both parties.

That also means that property agents do not have to travel to physical premises often anymore for verification purposes. Digital tenancies that use eKYC, otherwise known as ‘Electronic Know-Your-Customer’, verify the identity and documents provided through a thorough database check.

To conclude, Rumah-i’s home renting platform is the best option for any property agents looking to list their property in Malaysia. It is important to note that the social housing sector is transitioning to a digital platform. With the advancement of technology, property agents should make use of the digital media to reach a wider audience; and bring about convenience and efficiency in their property rental matters.

Hence, let Rumah-i be your solution for comprehensive and thorough property management services.


- Entitle ONE time rental collection service for free

- Rental collection service for free is limited to FIRST 1,000 properties which engage the service and is for pre-launch registered owners only.

- Tenancy agreement must be prepared by Rumah-i.