Living with Housemates: A True Bang for Your Buck!

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Housemates are great if you’re living alone for the first time. There’s so much freedom that comes with living away from home, but there are a lot of responsibilities as well.

Managing expenses, food, and household tasks can be tricky, especially if you have to coordinate with other people, but it beats having to look for an apartment on your own.

When you share an apartment, you can save your budget by splitting day-to-day expenses like groceries and cleaning supplies, and there is someone you can do your chores with. Here are several more reasons why living with housemates is a true bang for your buck!

Five Benefits Of Living With Housemates

1. More Space

More Space

Depending on the number of occupants, living with housemates often means living in larger areas with multiple bedrooms and common areas, like living and dining rooms.

This means that by living together, you and your housemates are able to access common spaces that are not usually available in an average single studio apartment, for example, a full-sized kitchen, living room, and backyard space.

2. Fair Pricing

Fair Pricing

Sharing a space with a housemate is usually more affordable than moving into a single studio. This is especially so when you calculate the price of living in a small and cramped studio in comparison to living in a shared environment with a private bedroom and common areas.

As an added bonus, when living with housemates, there are also more people to split the move-in and upkeep costs with.

3. Split Monthly Expenses

Split Monthly Expenses

One of the biggest benefits of living with housemates is being able to divide your monthly expenses. Living on your own can be expensive, as you are responsible for shouldering all costs related to your home, for example, utility bills, groceries, internet and more.

While you cannot split all your expenses, you can reduce them significantly by sharing the costs with your housemates. You can use the money you have saved up to afford a place of your own or set it aside for other things.

4. Furnish And Decorate Together

Furnish And Decorate Together

When moving into a new place, you’ll first have to put down a deposit and buy what you need to make your apartment a comfortable place to live in. From furnishing and decorating to buying day-to-day necessities such as cookware, groceries and cleaning supplies, these costs can add up.

With a housemate, you can share these costs with each other. However, it is important to discuss beforehand what expenses are expected to be shared, what expenses are expected to be yours alone and how you’re going to share the expenses.

5. Safety


If you are worried about your safety when living alone, you will definitely benefit from having a housemate. Homes with two or more people are less likely to get robbed and you can also visit places with your housemates, which will help you stay safe while you are out.

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