Living in Cheras

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Sandwiched between Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Cheras is situated at a convenient geographical location. Thus, it a place that many people enjoy visiting and living in. Akin to its dense population, the area is also packed with various amnesties and entertainment, which makes the living experience in Cheras a unique one that is not like anywhere else. 

Contrary to many Malaysians’ misconception of Cheras being an “ulu” and shady area, life in the area has become a lot more developed and exciting. With these new amenities, affordable property and connectivity are no longer the only attractions of Cheras.

With that said, let us give you a brief outlook of what living in Cheras would be like:

1. Shopping malls and entertainment

Housing several shopping malls, Cheras is in no shortage of entertainment. Some well-known malls in the neighbourhood include the Cheras Leisure Mall, Sunway Velocity Mall, and MyTown Shopping Mall.  Notably, one distinct characteristic of Cheras Leisure Mall is that it is located right next to the Taman Mutiara MRT station and is also connected to another mall, which is EkoCheras Mall. On the other hand, for Sunway Velocity Mall, some unique characteristics of this mall would be in its large selection of retail outlets as well as the ice-skating rink, which are sure to keep you occupied for the entire day. If you are a fan of the Swedish furniture shop, the MyTown shopping Mall would be your go-to as it boasts Malaysia’s largest IKEA store.

2. Night market or “Pasar Malam”

Another distinct characteristic of Cheras is its night market. It houses the longest night market in KL, stretching over 2 km with a colourful line up of various stalls every Wednesday night. From the night market, you will get to enjoy a diverse selection of cheap treats from the many stalls, some even showcasing international treats from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Even if you aren’t feeling in the mood for treats, browsing through the stalls would be an experience in itself as you will be sucked into the lively ambience of the night market.  

3. Food culture

Cheras is a foodie’s heaven on earth as it has a diverse food culture that is prominent in its massive selection of hawker stalls, restaurants and cafes. With various options available, food hunting in the neighbourhood would prove to be an exciting experience as there seems to be no shortage of cuisine in Cheras. Some well-known cafes and restaurants include Ebony and Ivory Coffee, and 103 Coffee Roastery, which are definitely worth a visit.

4. Connectivity

Having 11 MRT stops in Cheras alone, the transport system in Cheras allows for comfortable and convenient living. The convenient commute with MRT is great for those that prefer using public transport to escape from the highway congestion. With the Sungai Buloh-Kajang Line, travelling to the city centre of Kuala Lumpur would be a breeze as well, where they have several stops in popular areas such as Pavilion and Pasar Seni.

5. Healthcare

Healthcare in Cheras is also another acclaimed aspect, where it accommodates various healthcare needs in public and private hospitals, and small clinics. The selection gives Cheras residents the benefit of choosing a fitting institute to attend to their healthcare needs while considering their budget. One prominent hospital in the vicinity would be University Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre, which provides both public and private healthcare as part of a teaching hospital facility.

6. Places of worship

Covering a vast area, Cheras offers access to various places of worship, so don’t worry about a lack of religious buildings. For Muslims, some mosques located in the Northern part of Cheras include Surau At-Taqwa Mosque and Masjid Al-Mubarakah. At the Southern region, there is the Ashabus Solihin Mosque, and Masjid Taman Cheras Jaya. 

For practising Hindus, you may go to the Sri Hari Haran Kodiyur Aiyanar Bagawan Temple and Cheras Sri Thohaiyadi Vinayagar Temple in the Northern part, and the Sri Maha Moondagakanniamman and Sri Raghavendra Swamy Brindavan in the Southern end.

Moreover, for Buddhists, there are several places of worship scattered within Cheras. Some of the more popular temples being the 4 Faces Buddha Temple, Kuan Tei Temple, and Tai Kuk Wah Si Buddhist Temple. Last but not least, for Christians, there is the Church of St. Francis of Assisi for the Catholics. For Protestants, they may visit the Cheras Baptist Church and Mahkota Cheras Methodist Church.

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