Living in Subang Jaya

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Formerly a rubber estate, Subang Jaya has since undergone a significant transformation—facing developments in the hands of Sime UEP Properties. In terms of geography, Subang Jaya initially comprised of several areas which include SS12 to SS19, Taman Wangsa Baiduri, Taman Mutiara Subang and Taman Bukit Pelangi.

Then, in the late 1980s, Sime UEP Properties had developed an extension to Subang Jaya, which was how UEP Subang Jaya, or more commonly referred to as USJ, had come about (if you didn’t know what USJ stood for, now you do). Known for being a well-established neighbourhood filled with amities, Subang Jaya has become a popular area for people to visit, as well as live, due to how convenient it is.

Despite being a considerable distance away from the capital city, you wouldn’t have any trouble getting anywhere, as Subang Jaya houses impressive accessibility, being connected to Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam and Petaling Jaya via a network of expressways and rail transit. There are also various malls and entertainment centres in Subang Jaya so you wouldn’t face any shortage for entertainment or necessities either. 

Read on to find out more details about what Subang Jaya has got to offer to have a feel of what living there would be like!

1. Shopping malls

Empire Shopping Gallery

If you have visited Subang Jaya before, the chances are that you have noticed a mall with an Egyptian-themed architecture with a massive pyramid and lion. Being the biggest shopping mall in Subang Jaya, Sunway Pyramid offers a one-stop solution that caters to your shopping and entertainment needs, having an extraordinary line-up of the trendiest retail shops alongside a vast range of entertainment centres. Having a bowling alley, indoor archery, cinema, arcade, as well as an ice-skating rink, you will never have an uneventful day out at Sunway Pyramid. 

On the other hand, if you wish to avoid the crowd and prefer a more quiet shopping experience, especially when you’re looking just to buy some groceries, there is the Empire Shopping Gallery. Located near Subang Parade (the first mall in Subang Jaya), Empire Shopping Gallery offers a selection of eateries and retail shops alongside a supermarket—Jaya Grocer. Empire Shopping Gallery will be the ideal stop for you if you’re looking to grab some groceries and shop a little. 

2. Theme Park

Sunway Lagoon

In terms of entertainment, Sunway Lagoon is not to be missed as well. Located right next to Sunway Pyramid, it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that this theme park is saturated with fun and activities. Having multiple areas such as the Water Park, Amusement Park, Wildlife Park, Extreme Park, Scream Park, and Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon, you are bound to find your favourite rides and attractions here in Sunway Lagoon. On top of that, if you are a horror fan, their annual Halloween event—Nights of Fright, is something you would not want to miss either.

3. University Town

Taylor’s University

If you are a student or a parent, you would be happy to know that Subang Jaya is a well-known university town as well. Some notable universities in that area include Sunway University, INTI, Taylor’s University, and Monash University. In addition to that, there are various dorms and shared houses available in the SS15 area, which makes access to the universities convenient. Besides that, SS15 is located close to Empire Shopping Gallery as well as AEON Big, so students would not face any shortages in looking for daily necessities either. 

4. Food culture

Food culture

Offering a plethora of food choices, Subang Jaya is a heaven for foodies. If you are a fan of buttermilk chicken, one spot in SS15 that you ought not to miss would be Jibril restaurant. Having specialities such as red butter chicken, coconut butter chicken and salted egg butter chicken, you are sure to be a fan of Jibril restaurant. Besides that, the area is also known for being a hotspot for bubble tea, where numerous bubble tea joints from Taiwan and Hong Kong have surfaced in SS15, turning the street into one that truly deserves the title “Bubble Tea Street”. Aside from that, Subang Jaya is also home to some of the best local delights, having various hawker stalls as well.

5. Healthcare

Sunway Medical Centre

Healthcare in Subang Jaya is another acclaimed aspect of this area where Sunway Medical Centre in Bandar Sunway serves as the largest healthcare provider in the area. Known to offer comprehensive healthcare services that cater to health and diet to even dentistry, you can rest assured that you will receive extensive healthcare at Sunway Medical Centre. Besides Sunway Medical Centre, there is also the private Subang Jaya Medical Centre, run by Ramsay Sime Darby Healthcare, which offers a wide range of medical indications, ranging from minor health needs to dedicated specialist care.

6. Places of worship

Acts Church

Having vast geography, Subang Jaya offers access to a multitude of places of worship, so you don’t have to worry about looking for a place to carry out your religious prayers. For those of the Islam religion, some of the more distinguished mosques include the Darul Ehsan Mosque, Masjid Al Falah, Masjid Al Mukminun, Masjid An-Nur, and Masjid Al-Irsyad which are all conveniently located for worshippers in the Subang Jaya area.

For those of the Hindu religion, there are various temples that you can visit. There are two famous temples here, namely the Sri Varatharaja Perumal Temple and Sri Subramaniar Temple. They are located on the Northern side of Subang Jaya area bordering Bandar Subang.

As for the Buddhists, unfortunately, there aren’t any temples in Subang Jaya. With that said, there is still the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association located off the KESAS expressway and the Summit Dharma Vihara in USJ 1, which provides a focal point as well as a place of worship for the local Buddhist community.

Finally, for Christians, there is the Acts Church in Summit Subang development which offers non-denominational Christian worship, as well as the Church of St Thomas More for the Catholics.

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