Moving Out? Here Are 7 Helpful Tips to Prepare for Your Move!

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Congratulations! You’re taking a giant step and beginning a new chapter in your life by moving out. Having said that, we’re sure that despite the excitement, there are hints of anxiety in embarking on this new, unknown journey.

Whether you’re moving out due to work or for your studies, preparing for a move can be tremendously taxing. Fret not, as we’re here to help you throughout the entire planning process and every step of the way.

1. Make sure to prep ahead

First thing first, strive to be well-prepared for your move by prepping ahead of time. After all, moving out can be quite overwhelming, and it would really ease the burden if you have proper planning and preparation. This way, you can mitigate errors, have better control on your moving day and experience a smooth move without a glitch.

2. Schedule, coordinate and organise

In order to move like a pro, you must get organised and retain this mentality until you’ve properly settled in your new home. To do so, you can practice our helpful moving out tips below:

Create a moving folder

  • Using your preferred device (phone, laptop, tab, etc.,) create a ‘moving out file’ to put everything related to moving, such as moving checklist, timeline and paperwork, all in one place. Put aside a folder for your significant moving out documents, such as contracts and receipts, financial documents, and personal documents, so it’s easier for you to keep track of them.
  • If you’re more comfortable doing this tip manually, you can buy a binder and jot down everything important to help you manage your moving out journey.

Prepare an ultimate moving checklist

  • No matter if it’s your 13th time moving or if it’s your first rodeo, you would always benefit from having a moving checklist. You can then create a timeline that suits your needs by using the checklist as a reference. This will then help you to break your move into simpler, smaller projects that you can tackle with minimal effort.

Get an inventory of your belonging

  • Take inventory of everything that you own. The list will be extremely helpful as it can give you a rough estimation of your overall moving out costs. It also plays a critical role if you’re thinking of hiring a moving company.

Slot in some ‘me time’

  • In life, it’s good to hope for the best and prepare for the worse. As such, expect things to get a little chaotic during your moving out journey, and schedule time for yourself to relax and unwind each week. Regardless of your hectic moving out situation, always remember to look after yourself.

3. Nail down on finances

Determining your moving out budget is an essential and imperative step in your moving out journey. Be sure to not only account for all of your moving out costs but also for the post-moving out costs. The latter include but are not limited to the money needed for furniture, repairs and improvements. Also, try to keep all the receipts of your moving out expenses in a moving out folder, as mentioned before.

4. Invest in moving equipment

Invest in moving equipment

A big part of your move is actually about making decisions and choosing the best options to make your life easier. One way to do that is by investing in moving equipment such as the right packing supplies, extra protection for fragile belongings, and more. You should also consider if you want to hire a moving company, book a moving truck or engage moving professionals to ease your moving out experience.

When prepping for your move, you may ask yourself these questions:

  • Should I pack by myself, or should I hire professionals?
  • Should I hire a moving company or book a moving truck?
  • Should I protect my belongings with moving insurance?
  • What type of moving boxes should I use?

5. Cut back on clutter

There’s a huge chance that you own more than you need. Prepare for your moving out journey by paring down your belongings and getting rid of what you believe you no longer need.

Have a hard time choosing items to let go? Try applying the KonMari Method to “keep only those things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy”.

Once done, you can organise a yard sale or sell your items at a thrift shop. Another alternative is to present your items to family and friends or donate them to your local charity centre. This way, you can cut down clutter and give back to the community— killing two birds with one stone!

6. Have your essentials within reach

Remember to pack in the right order. Start boxing items that you rarely use as soon as possible, especially if you have no need for them during the moving out process itself.

Meanwhile, the last items to pack should be your essential documents, toiletries, a few changes of clothes, medications, etc., all packed into a bag for you to keep with you. If anything were to happen, you would at least have your essentials for the first few days in your new home.

7. Double-check everything

Lastly, explore every nook and crannies for everything that you may have overlooked after you’ve finished packing and removing everything from your old home. If you’re renting, snap some pictures of the home’s move-out condition and conduct a last walkthrough with your landlord, if possible.

If not, you can opt to showcase the home’s condition via video call. This will serve as proof of how you’ve been maintaining the property and make it easier for you to receive your refund back.

Now, you’re ready to move!

Now, you’re ready to move

We understand that moving out is a complicated and tiring process, and that’s why we’ve curated this list to help you with your upcoming move. Now that you know the tips and tricks for ensuring a smooth moving out process, you can confidently apply them and avoid stressful moving out scenarios. We wish you the best of luck with your move!

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