Open House Tips for Landlords: How to Be a Successful Host

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Hosting an open house is not merely an effective way to attract attention to your property — it helps you attract the right tenants. After all, ending up with under-qualified applicants is less than ideal, to say the least.

An excellent alternative to private showings, open houses call for more than opening the front door and welcoming visitors. You want to dazzle your prospective tenants enough that they follow up on your offer.

Real estate agents typically use this technique to entice new home buyers, but landlords don’t have to miss out. Take the opportunity to host an elaborate open house and land the best tenants who are on the same wavelength.

Here are five easy ways to carry out a successful rental showing.

1. Schedule a Time Instead of a Time Frame

Consider announcing a set time for the open house rather than allowing your visitors the liberty to stroll in at the last 15 minutes. Telling people that it starts at a specific time will incite a sense of urgency for them to show up.

However, try selecting a time during non-working hours and let the showing last for at least two hours. You may also encourage walk-ins by putting up signs with pictures and details of the property.

2. Ensure a Clean House

This is not the time to parade your property as it is, warts and all. Be sure to clean it and make any fixes to showcase the home at its finest.

Wax the floors, clean the sink and shower drains, and utilise air fresheners in the bathrooms to remove unwanted odours. During the open house, consider popping open a window or two for better ventilation and lighting.

You can never be too careful on this step because the littlest of flaws can turn renters away real quick. And yes, the scent matters just as much!

Ensure a Clean HouseEnsure a Clean House

3. Provide Landlord Disclosures

If you’re unsure of the legally liable disclosure forms to present to potential tenants, it’s best to prepare all of them in advance before the open house. So in case you’re asked, you’ll be fully equipped.

Some of the required disclosures are as follows:

  • Move-in/move-out inspection
  • Security deposit itemisation
  • Landlord identity

Remember, a landlord who abides by the law is a landlord worth trusting.

4. Improve Security

Never neglect the safety and security of your rental property. Open house events becoming the target of a robbery is not groundbreaking news.

Thus, it’s essential to check on all the doors and windows to make sure they’re locked by the end. It would help if you also took note of any valuable items on display to know when they go missing.

If necessary, you can consider keeping certain rooms with expensive furniture pieces secure and only unlock them during guided tours.

5. Be Ready With Sign-In Sheets & Applications

Lastly, don’t forget to gather contact information from your guests! If you wish to go the extra mile, put out some snacks next to the sign-up sheet at the front door. That way, you can build an email mailing list for future openings, and they get some free treats in return.

Some visitors may already have their minds made up about your property and show up eager to apply. Be prepared with the proper application materials so you can streamline the leasing process.

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