Top 7 Puchong Properties to Rent

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Formerly a humble town where people mainly supported their livelihood as either a fishmonger, rubber tapper, or a miner, Puchong has since come a long way. With the expiration of the mining licence in 1985 serving as the turning point, infrastructures and urbanisation had begun to develop rapidly and now houses various amnesties and facilities along with several popular residential areas such as Taman Kinrara and Bandar Bukit Puchong 2. Today, property in Puchong is highly sought after due to its ideal location.

Puchong is also equipped with a wide array of convenient facilities such as shopping malls, sports centres, and hospitals; it is more challenging to look for what it lacks than what it has. Besides that, Puchong also has an efficient transport system with 7 LRT stations within the city itself which makes travelling to and from Puchong immensely accessible. Although Puchong is notoriously known for their terrible traffic, you would have no problem at all if you were to use the LRT.

1. Koi Kinrara

Koi Kinrara

Most noted for its quiet and beautiful location—laying atop a hill—Koi Kinrara is one of the most sought-after condominium properties in Puchong. Being equipped with a selection of facilities such the 360angle sky lounge, infinity pool, squash court, children’s playground and gymnasium, Koi Kinrara is the place for you if you’re looking for an affordable condominium full of activities. If you have children, this condominium would be suitable for you as well, as it provides a safe play environment for them. Unfortunately, there are downsides to this property too. For pet lovers, we’re sorry to tell you that pets aren’t allowed within this property, and as for those of you who drive, you may want to take note of the traffic congestion in the morning too.

2. Atmosfera


Being a high-rise low-density condominium, Atmosfera Condominium is the place for you if you’re looking for a safe and peaceful place to live. Offering a range of beautiful nature-filled facilities such as a meditation garden, reflexology garden, swimming pool, and Jacuzzi, Atmosfera is one of the most luxurious condominiums in Puchong. This condominium is suitable for you if you’re looking for a home with a resort-like feel.  Besides that, it is also close to IOI Mall, which makes it extremely convenient for you to go on a shopping trip for groceries and necessities. On the other hand, the downsides of this condominium are its no pet regulations and the persistent traffic congestion due to the lack of parking spaces.

3. Duta Kinrara

Duta Kinrara
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Placing itself on the steeper end of the price market, Duta Kinrara is a property worth investing in if you have the financial stability to do so. Being a high-end residential area situated along the Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve, Duta Kinrara offers a peaceful home environment away from the city. The properties offered in Duta Kinrara are both bungalows and semi-detached units, which are set with classy facilities such as a private pool, private elevator, private rooftop garden, and a centralised vacuum system. If you have pets, don’t worry as Duta Kinrara is pet friendly, so you don’t have to worry about your furry friends. 

4. Skyville


Yet another property that is on the more expensive end of the spectrum, Skyville, also known as Villa in the Sky, is an affluent residential area that lies in the heart of Bandar Puchong Jaya. If you’re looking for a spacious house with a splendid view, Skyville would be your ideal place to live. Depending on the property, some could come fully or partly furnished but are all equipped with solar panels, CCTV, jacuzzi as well as a smart home system. In terms of its security, it prides itself for having tight security where it is gated and guarded as well. With several schools such as SMK Puchong Jaya in its vicinity, you wouldn’t have to worry about where to send your children to school either.

5. Baiduri Courts


On the other hand, if you’re looking for an affordable flat to rent, Baiduri Courts should be put under your list of considerations. Noted for its quiet location and 24-hour security, Baiduri Courts is well-liked by small families. Despite its modest price, Baiduri Courts also come with several facilities such as a mini-market, covered parking, playground, and jogging track, where you could spend some quality family time. If you are worried about where to send your children to school, fret not, as there are approximately 123 education-related facilities located within 10 km of Baiduri Courts as well, which again shows how child-friendly Baiduri Courts is.

6. Puteri Bayu

Puteri Bayu
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If you’re looking for a place that is right in the middle of the price range, Puteri Bayu is the property in Puchong for you. Although being a medium cost, medium-rise high-density apartment, Puteri Bayu is noted to be a pleasant place to live in, having both a clean and safe environment. In terms of its facilities, Puteri Bayu does not lack in those as well, as it is equipped with a swimming pool, children playground, multi-purpose hall and convenience store. For those of you with young children, you would be glad to know that there is a kindergarten in the apartment itself, where you could send your children to while you go for work.

7. Lakeside Residences

Lakeside Residence

Noted for its appealing design and surroundings, Lakeside Residences is a residential development located in Puchong. As its name suggests, the main attraction of this residential area lies in the lake that sits right beside the area. Having a lovely 7-acre park as well, Lakeside Residences promises a refreshing breeze of nature in your every step. Besides the beautiful lake, there are also other facilities such as a multi-purpose court, picnic lawn, swimming pool, gymnasiums, lakefront piazza, and a BBQ area. Looking at what they have to offer, Lakeside Residences would be your ideal home if you’re someone who enjoys outdoor activities and a breath of nature. 

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