Reasons Why Every Landlord Needs Landlord Insurance

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Many homeowners who rent out their unit expect a steady passive income for the rest of their lives. Why wouldn’t they? Properties are one of the best investment assets, and if you’ve got a responsible tenant what could go wrong. As pretty as that picture is, things happen- which may cause severe financial and legal risks that you may not afford. In this article, we’ll be exploring how a landlord insurance plan could save you from the dips and bumps that may come along during your investment period.

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Wear and tear is a natural part of any home. Therefore, with a good landlord insurance plan you will be able to cover your residential fixtures including fittings, garages, walls, gates, and fences around your house. In the event that you’re renting a property and a tenant gets seriously injured, they may sue you for damages. While your liability insurance may not cover the costs to the renters who live there for an extended period, a full coverage insurance policy will. So, instead of endangering yourself and your fellow tenants, make the smart move of covering your home.


For homeowners out there renting out their units to repay their mortgage loan, you may be in a high-risk situation if you suddenly lose your tenants. A good home coverage insurance policy plan will cover your monthly loan instalment if your house is deemed temporarily inhabitable due to insured circumstances or evacuation by the local authority. This way, instead of setting extra burden upon yourself to obtain your monthly loan (or missing the date and having to pay a steep fine) you are covered by an insurance plan that is flexible to the conditions that inhibit you from completing your payment.


Every landlord’s worst nightmare is a horrible tenant. While late rent days could be excused, property damage is non-tolerable in most events. With a wholesome home insurance policy plan, you are covered from malicious damage on your property by the tenant. That means you don’t need to worry about that irresponsible tenant who cost you a fortune after a late-night party that ruined your fencing. Additionally, tenants who bail on rent and disappear in a moment’s notice are bound to cause some disruption to your monthly income. With a good insurance plan though, you’ll be covered from having to for out money for the month. All in all, you’re insured as a landlord!


With a perfect insurance plan, you will find yourself free of worry from home fixture expenses that usually racks up quite the bill. Some policies cover and reimburse events that happen on the daily like burst pipes, the replacement of doors, windows or gates that have gone faulty due to theft, domestic help allowance and many more. Therefore, with a great landlord insurance policy plan, not only are you protecting your tenants, you are alleviating the pressure of having to fund these sort of maintenance expenses.

As good landlords, it is vital that you do your best in ensuring a safe space for your tenants. Instead of forking out a fortune in maintaining your unit, a good and wholesome home insurance policy plan is the perfect cushion to absorb the impacts of the accidents that occur on your property. Therefore, be smart and cover your home!


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