Tenancy Agreement Malaysia: What Should Renters Look For?

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A tenancy agreement is a legal contract between a landlord and a tenant. It outlines the duties and obligations of both parties during the tenancy period.

It also lists every detail of the property being rented out. This includes its furniture, fixture, and other amenities.

Having a detailed contract is important as it can serve as evidence during a dispute and is much stronger than a verbal agreement. This is because verbal agreements can be manipulated and considered void in court.

This is why both parties should have a well-written contract to keep things fair for the landlord and the tenant.

If you’re a new tenant, read on to discover what you would need to keep an eye out for in your tenancy agreement.

What New Tenants Should Look Out For In the Tenancy Agreement

There are no laws in Malaysia that regulate what can and cannot be added to a tenancy agreement. This means either party can add as many terms and conditions to make the agreement more favourable for them.

Tenants should remember to thoroughly read through the agreement before signing it. By doing so, the tenant is protected from any unfavourable situations they may encounter with their landlord in the future.

Here are the three main features tenants should take note of when reading through their tenancy agreement:

1. The Monthly Rent

The Monthly Rent

It’s essential to ensure that the landlords and tenants agree on how much the monthly rent will be. It can often be negotiated – however, most landlords usually have a specified monthly rental amount.

Tenants must also clarify how their monthly rent should be paid and ensure that their landlord provides receipts for every payment made. The contract should also include a fixed date on when the rent is due.

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2. The Security Deposit

The Security Deposit

The security deposit is usually paid to the landlord after a tenant signs the tenancy agreement. It is deductible by the landlord if the tenant damages their property or if they’re late on rent.

The money can also be forfeited if a tenant ends their tenancy early. However, if there were no issues during their stay, the landlord will return the security deposit in full.

New tenants should ensure that the contract includes a clause that states when your landlord should refund your deposits.

3. The Personal Details In A Tenancy Agreement

The Personal Details In A Tenancy Agreement

The tenancy agreement must include the full names of both tenant and landlord, any identification or passport numbers, contact and career details, and the current addresses of both parties.

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