What is a Townhouse and Its Advantages?

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Have you ever heard of a townhouse before? When thinking about properties in Malaysia, a townhouse may not cross the minds of many. After all, the more popular residential properties one could choose from are condominiums, apartments, bungalows and terraces. However, Malaysians should know that we could choose from a wide variety of property types besides these! A slightly new kind of property we can venture into are townhouses.

So, what is a townhouse?

what is a townhouse

A townhouse is not a new concept. It’s rising development in Malaysia is providing a new option for Malaysians in search of a more complex property with an affordable price range. In Malaysia, a townhouse refers to a type of property that combines the characteristics of a terraced house and a condominium. If you’re living in a townhouse, you can enjoy both the privacy of living in a landed property and the facilities of an apartment complex.

Unlike townhouses in other countries such as the US and Europe, townhouses in Malaysia typically have two units or two storeys in a single building. On some occasions, you may find townhouses with three or even four-storeys. With that said, a townhouse may consist of individuals living separately on the ground floor and the top floor with the advantage of enjoying one’s privacy.

Another thing about townhouses is that it comes with strata titles of ownership. Strata title is a form of ownership devised for multi-level buildings where the land belongs to the owner or developers of the property. Some common types of stratified townhouses are condominiums and apartments. By staying at a townhouse, you could benefit from having a private space, even though you’re staying in a stratified property; in this case, a townhouse which is also a hybrid.

Townhouses are usually divided into two units, which is the upper unit and the lower unit. The lower unit may be smaller in size, but it has a larger ground floor compartment and suitable for families with elderlies. On the other hand, the upper floor is usually larger and typically has its entrance on the first floor. Nevertheless, both these units have their own parking lots and doors to access the unit.

Townhouses also possess a residential title and are protected by the Housing Development Agency (HDA). As a stratified development, townhouse owners have control over the communal area such as the cleanliness, security and landscape under the Strata Management Act 2013. This act aims to merge the rights and responsibilities of the residents, landowners and developers to maintain efficient management of the property and contribute to a better environment to live.

Why opt for a townhouse?

Why opt for townhouse

To purchase a landed property can be extremely expensive compared to a property of a sharing-concept. Besides that, perimeter security is one important factor to consider. A residential property such as a townhouse possesses this factor with its gated and guarded community, unlike a landed property.

Owning a townhouse could bring you tons of advantages such as :

  • Security. As mentioned, owners of a townhouse may enjoy the privacy of landed property in shared development. A townhouse is usually equipped with multi-tiered security in a gated and guarded community. The levels of security at a townhouse community may be stricter than that of landed property. You will not have to worry as much in terms of break-ins!
  • Privacy. Unlike living in other stratified properties such as flats and apartments, you can enjoy your privacy at your property, because there are no shared spaces (apart from the outdoor parking)! If you dread awkward conversations with your neighbour, not to fear! A townhouse is designed in such a way that you can access your property directly. That means that you could use the main door if you’re staying on the ground floor, or the back/side door if you’re staying on the top floor!
  • Maintenance. A landed house with bigger space may invite endless and tedious maintenance compared to a townhouse. Opting to stay at a townhouse compared to a condo also means you get to save on lifts and facilities’ maintenance fee. Not only that, if there was a problem with a townhouse property, you won’t be bearing it alone but sharing the cost with the other owner as well.
  • Affordability. As you are staying in a shared residential property with your own private units, townhouses are typically less expensive than landed properties even if they have similar square footage. Not to mention, being able to purchase a building that you could stay with your family members; all but in one building and with your privacy.
  • Lower furnishing cost. Depending on the size of the townhouse, you may only need a minimal amount of furniture and furnishings for your unit. In some cases, there are residences where some basic furnishings and built-ins are provided. It looks like there is one less area to think about and one more way to save on your budget.

Overall, townhouses are an exciting option to venture into when looking for a residential property. It’s rising development in Malaysia’s property market is giving Malaysians a take on living in a hybrid-concept property. With all that was said, it is essential to understand what lifestyle and budget that we would opt for, as well as our desired level of home maintenance when choosing which home works best for us. In the end, it also comes down to your preference!

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