Things To Do In Cyberjaya: A Fun Township For The Weekend

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Located right next to Putrajaya is Cyberjaya, which aspires to be known as the Silicon Valley of Malaysia.

When most Malaysians think of Cyberjaya, the first thing that comes to mind is how it’s often considered the technological hub of Malaysia, filled with tech-savvy startups, entrepreneurs, and high-tech facilities at every corner.

However, it is also a lively township with more to offer than just that. Boasting a range of activities, the town is also a hub for enthralling experiences for visitors in Malaysia.

From shopping to driving your own go-kart, there are so many activities you can enjoy in Cyberjaya.

5 Places You Can Explore in Cyberjaya

1. Relax At Taman Tasik Cyberjaya

Relax At Taman Tasik Cyberjaya

Established in 1998,  Taman Tasik Cyberjaya has become a sanctuary for local families who live or work in Cyberjaya and students from nearby universities.

The best place to relax and immerse yourself in nature, you will find facilities like playgrounds, a lookout tower, as well as a boardwalk. Many activities are available at this quiet park, such as a mini train ride for kids, bird-watching, fishing, cycling or jogging.

Moreover, not only is the park an ideal place for both the young and old to spend their mornings or evenings, it’s great for pets too! Pet owners often take their dogs out for a walk around the large park.

Electric scooters are also available around the park, so visitors can move around much easier and faster.

2. Ride horses at 3S Equestrian Centre

Ride horses at 3S Equestrian Centre

If you love horses, you can visit the 3s equestrian centre, located right next to Taman Tasik Cyberjaya. It is a popular location for children and adults to try horse riding.

The facility has several stables filled with horses and ponies and a large paddock where they conduct horse riding lessons.

They also offer outrides around Cyberjaya, but it is only available for experienced horse riders.

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3. Shop Till You Drop at DPULZE Shopping Centre

Shop Till You Drop at DPULZE Shopping Centre

No visit to Cyberjaya town is complete without spending a day at its largest mall. DPULZE Shopping Centre has a diverse pool of patrons, such as students from nearby colleges and universities, office workers, parents with kids, or tourists.

Similar to other shopping malls, there are numerous cafes as well as local and international restaurants visitors can pick from.

Or, if you want to take a break from shopping and dining, you can visit U-Bowl for a round of bowling.

4. Raycer Powerhouse

Raycer Powerhouse

Despite being a small town, Cyberjaya is full of exciting activities, one of which is go-karting. Raycer Powerhouse is not just an academy for go-karters but also a place where the public can enjoy this activity.

There are different karts for players based on their level of experience. They even offer go-kart lessons for those who want to speed up!

5. Visit Tamarind Square

Visit Tamarind Square

For those looking for something unique, Tamarind Square is the place to visit.

An outdoor-focused mall with massive red-brick walls and cement finishes, it is the ideal place to take Instagram-friendly pictures. There are also walkways leading to the rooftop for visitors to take stunning photographs.

Visitors can also grab a meal at its many restaurants, buy books at BookXcess, indulge in a spa session, stock up on groceries at Village Grocer, or shop for clothes at its thrift stores.

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Cyberjaya: Where the Fun Never Ends

Cyberjaya has come a long way; from an oil palm plantation, it has transformed into a thriving and liveable township with a variety of amenities and lifestyle options.

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