Digital Tenancy with Rumah-i: Simplify Tenancy in Malaysia

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Digital tenancy is redefining the way property rentals are conducted in the era of rapid technological advancement and shifting consumer preferences.

This change is not just about convenience but also mirrors the changing dynamics of trust, efficiency, and adaptability in the rental market.

Learn more about the evolution of tenancy and discover how Rumah-i is pioneering this transformation in Malaysia.

The Need for Digital Tenancy in Malaysia

The traditional property rental landscape, with its paper-laden processes and extended waiting times, often becomes frustrating for both landlords and tenants. Hence, digital tenancy services became more popular.

1. Streamline Rental Process

Traditional property rentals often require tedious paperwork and in-person meetings, delaying move-in dates.

In contrast, digital tenancy simplifies renting by leveraging technology. Potential renters can browse listings, view property details, and take virtual tours from home.

2. Ensures Effective Communication

Traditional rental processes can be confusing and lead to misunderstandings, but digital platforms offer clear communication channels.

This ensures both tenants and landlords are on the same page throughout the leasing process.

3. Time Saving

With digital platforms, landlords and tenants can enjoy quicker response times, reducing the waiting period often accompanying traditional property renting.

Rumah-i’s Digital Tenancy Service

Rumah-i’s digital tenancy service stands out by offering a comprehensive suite of features tailored to both tenants and landlords, ensuring a seamless rental experience.

1. All-Purpose Mobile App

Central to our service is a one-stop mobile app designed to consolidate all rental needs into one accessible platform.

With this app, users no longer need to juggle multiple platforms or websites, making the property rental process straightforward.

2. Accessible Interface

Prioritising user experience, our app boasts user-friendly interfaces.

Even those new to digital platforms can navigate effortlessly, making it simple for landlords to list properties and tenants to browse and apply.

3. Convenient for Both Sides

Recognising the dynamic nature of the rental market, our platform empowers tenants to apply for multiple properties at once.

This not only maximises their chances of securing an ideal home but also saves time.

On the flip side, landlords benefit from efficient applicant screening. By receiving applications from multiple tenants simultaneously, they can make informed decisions on the best fit for their property.

4. Convenient for Both Sides

All data exchanges, from personal information to transactional details, are secured using the public key infrastructure (PKI) format. This ensures that sensitive information remains encrypted and shielded from potential breaches.

Further enhancing our security measures, all user profiles undergo rigorous verification using eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer).

This electronic verification ensures that all users on the platform are genuine, thereby instilling trust and confidence in the service.

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What are the Benefits of Rumah-i’s Digital Tenancy Service

Going digital isn’t just about convenience; it’s about reimagining the rental experience. Here are the advantages of our digital tenancy service:

1. Embrace Sustainability Initiative

By opting for our digital tenancy service, you’re actively reducing the reliance on physical papers. Not only does this make the rental process efficient, but it also lessens your carbon footprint.

Choose a sustainable way to secure your living space and contribute positively to environmental preservation.

2. Assured Legal Protection

Our digital tenancy service isn’t just about convenience; it’s about security, too. All our digital tenancy agreements are crafted to be legally binding and fully enforceable.

We can ensure that you’re accorded the same legal safeguards as you would with traditional printed documents.

3. Simplicity at its Best

Say goodbye to lengthy paperwork and tedious processes. Our digital tenancy service is designed for ease, speed, and convenience.

Navigate through a user-friendly interface and complete your tenancy agreements with just a few clicks, saving you both time and effort.

4. Unwavering Legal Integrity

With our service, you don’t have to sacrifice legal assurance for convenience. Every digital agreement you engage with via our platform holds the exact same legal value as a paper-based contract.

This means your rights, responsibilities, and overall interests remain thoroughly protected.

How to Use Our Digital Tenancy Service

Transitioning to a digital platform might seem daunting, but with the right guidance, it’s as simple as a few taps on your screen.

Let’s walk you through the seamless process of using Rumah-i’s cutting-edge digital tenancy platform.

Step 1: eKYC Authentication Step for Enhanced Security

1. Facial and ID Card Verification

To initiate, users are prompted to use their phone camera to capture a picture of their physical ID card.

2. Selfie Authentication

After the ID capture, the front camera becomes active, inviting users to take a real-time selfie.

This isn’t just a standard photo capture; users might be asked to nod to confirm their presence, ensuring liveness detection.

3. Face Match Technology

Our advanced technology then cross-verify the user’s live facial features against the photo on their ID, ensuring genuine identity authentication.

4. OTP Verification

As a concluding step to the authentication process, users receive a one-time password (OTP) on their registered mobile number.

Once entered, this completes the verification, setting the stage for a secure rental process.

Step 2: Seamless Digital Signature Registration

1. Account Verification

Once users have successfully passed the eKYC authentication, they are navigated to the next phase, digital signature registration.

2. Intuitive Registration Process

The platform offers a straightforward process where users can seamlessly register their digital signature, making it ready for future document signings.

Step 3: Effortless Digital Tenancy Signing

1. Sign with a Click

The future of tenancy is here, and it’s digital. Users can now finalise necessary documents and agreements with their registered digital signature.

2. Accessible Document Management

Subsequently, users will have the luxury to view, download, or even print their digitally signed contracts directly from their account dashboard, ensuring they always have access to their important documents.

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Make Tenancy Easier with Rumah-I

Finding a cosy place to call home shouldn’t be stressful. Ready to simplify your leasing experience?

Whether you’re a landlord looking to list a property or a tenant seeking your next home, try out Rumah-i’s Home Renting App.

Available for free on Google Play and the App Store.


- Entitle ONE time rental collection service for free

- Rental collection service for free is limited to FIRST 1,000 properties which engage the service and is for pre-launch registered owners only.

- Tenancy agreement must be prepared by Rumah-i.