Explore the Best of Johor Bahru: 10 Fun Activities to Try

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Johor Bahru, commonly known as JB, is not just a gateway to Singapore or a pit stop for travellers.

This vibrant city, nestled at the southern tip of the Malaysian Peninsula, is a melting pot of cultures, histories, and modern-day wonders.

It gracefully marries the allure of its rich heritage with the buzz of contemporary attractions.

Dive in, and you’ll discover that Johor Bahru beckons not just a quick glance but a deep, immersive exploration. Here are ten exciting activities you can do in the state!

Adventure and Entertainment

Firstly, embark on a thrilling journey as Johor Bahru unveils a world of exhilarating attractions and heart-pounding experiences. Here are some spots where adrenaline meets fun:

1. LEGOLAND Malaysia Experience

Nestled in the heart of Johor Bahru is a wonderland every child and child-at-heart dreams of LEGOLAND Malaysia. Spanning seven uniquely themed areas, it promises an exhilarating experience.

Whether you’re defying gravity on water slides, embarking on a captivating ride, or diving deep into the mysteries of marine life at the SEA LIFE aquarium, the adventures are endless.

2. Sky-High Views at Skyscape, Menara Jland

Why keep your feet on the ground when you can touch the sky?

At Skyscape in Menara Jland, you’ll be elevated 149 metres above, presenting an unrivalled panorama of both Johor and Singapore.

But the views aren’t the only allure. Immerse yourself in virtual reality games or find that perfect backdrop for a breathtaking photo, ensuring your memories of Johor Bahru are etched forever.

3. Ice-Skating Fun at Blue Ice Skating Rink

In a tropical country like Malaysia, ice skating isn’t the first activity that comes to mind. Yet, the Blue Ice Skating Rink provides just that – a frosty escape from the warmth.

Whether you’re mastering your spins and twirls or simply gliding for fun, the rink offers both lessons and spontaneous icy escapades.

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Cultural Explorations

Johor Bahru also has places made for curious travellers seeking history and tradition. You can wander through historical lanes, marvel at architectural wonders, and dive deep into spiritual sanctuaries.

1. Time Travel at Tan Hiok Nee Heritage Street

As you stroll down Tan Hiok Nee Heritage Street, you’re not just walking; you’re travelling back in time.

This historical lane, named after one of the city’s founding fathers, is filled with:

  • Antique shops
  • Charming boutique cafes
  • Savoury restaurants

Each step narrates tales of the past while offering modern comforts.

2. Architectural Marvel at Istana Bukit Serene

Art Deco, a style often linked with opulence and grandeur, finds its epitome in the Istana Bukit Serene.

Erected in 1933, this royal edifice boasts exquisite carvings and meticulously groomed lawns.

While it stands as the official residence of the Sultan of Johor, its grandeur and beauty are generously shared with every onlooker. Don’t forget to take the pictures!

3. Religious Landmark: Johor Bahru Old Chinese Temple

An emblem of spiritual dedication and architectural artistry, the Johor Bahru Old Chinese Temple, dating back to the 19th century, is a beacon of tranquillity.

Surrounded by modern structures, its vibrant red and white facade stands defiantly, reminding visitors of the city’s deep-rooted heritage.

Food and Shopping

Moreover, indulge your senses in the food and retail wonders of Johor Bahru. From bustling food streets to luxury outlets, these places serve as a treat for both your palate and shopping desires.

1. Gastronomic Delights at Medan Selera Meldrum Walk

The heart of a city’s culture often beats loudest in its food streets, and Medan Selera Meldrum Walk is no exception.

As dusk settles, this street comes alive with tantalising aromas.

From succulent BBQ chicken wings to the delicately flavoured oyster omelette, each dish offers a unique taste of Johor Bahru’s culinary soul.

2. Retail Therapy at Johor Premium Outlets

For those whose hearts find joy in retail, Johor Premium Outlets (JPO) is paradise. Navigate through a maze of luxury brands, all offering goods at delightful discounts.

And when the shopping bags get heavy, refuel at one of the many eateries sprinkled throughout.

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Nature and Leisure

Finally, you can seek solace in the serene embrace of Johor Bahru’s natural wonders and tranquil spots.

Whether you’re yearning for a relaxing evening amidst lush greenery or an enchanting escapade under a starlit canopy, find your perfect retreat here.

1. Picturesque Moments at Taman Merdeka

Amidst the urban hustle of Johor Bahru lies an oasis of greenery, Taman Merdeka.

Ideal for evening strolls, jogs, or simply lounging, its open-air theatre, clock tower, and other attractions make it a haven for relaxation.

2. Enchanting Night at Kota Tinggi Firefly Park

End your Johor Bahru exploration on a magical note at Kota Tinggi Firefly Park. As night descends, witness nature’s own light show as fireflies dance, illuminating the darkness.

Coupled with intriguing tales of the Johor River, it’s an experience both enlightening and mesmerising.

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