Property Listing in Malaysia: Attract Quality Tenants Fast

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In Malaysia’s bustling real estate market, standing out is no easy feat. With so many property listings mushrooming every day, making yours resonate with potential tenants becomes paramount.

If you want your property to be their next abode, your listing needs to capture their attention, spark their interest, and convince them to take action.

This article delves into how you can create a compelling listing, from the title and description to the photos.

The Anatomy of a Superior Property Listing

First impressions are lasting. In the realm of property listings, the first impression comes from three key elements:

  • Engaging headline
  • Captivating description
  • Quality photos

While it’s tempting to write a lengthy narrative describing your property’s grandeur, remember that today’s tenant is scrolling through multiple listings.

Your listing must be succinct yet detailed, and modern additions like 3D tours or floorplans can make it even more attractive.

How to Write the Ideal Property Listing Headline

The headline is your first point of contact with potential tenants. It needs to make them pause and think, “This looks like my next home.”

1. A Simple Formula

A formulaic approach often works best here:

  • State the price
  • Specify the number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Identify the property type
  • Name the neighbourhood
  • Sprinkle in a unique feature

By using the formula, the headline for your property listing will look like this:

Price – ## Bed/## Bath apartment/house/condo in (neighbourhood) with (special feature)

For instance, a headline like “RM2,000/month – 2 Bed/2 Bath Condo in KLCC with Rooftop Pool Access” immediately paints a vivid picture.

2. Incorporate Effective Keywords

Utilise keywords that potential tenants might use during their search. Words like ‘spacious’, ‘modern’, or ‘luxury’ can pique interest and optimise your listing for search engines.

3. Highlight the Property’s Best Features

If your property has a unique selling point, be sure to include it. These features can be the deciding factor for many tenants.

4. Spotlight Nearby Attractions

Likewise, proximity to local amenities like parks, shopping malls, or transit hubs can be a major draw. If your property is a stone’s throw from a popular cafe or has easy subway access, mention it.

5. Omit the Full Property Address

While it’s important to specify the neighbourhood or area, avoid listing the full address in the title to ensure privacy and security.

How to Prepare an Engaging Property Description

A great way to write your property description is to do it with a bang. If your apartment boasts panoramic city views, mention that upfront. Then, you should use vivid descriptors to set your property apart.

Whether it’s the “sunlit living room” or the “sleek, modern kitchen”, choose words that paint a picture. However, don’t just stop at the unique features.

Dive into the basics, discuss neighbourhood highlights, and emphasise the standout attributes of your property. Conclude with vital details like:

  • Rent amount
  • Security deposit
  • Utility details
  • A compelling call to action

If you want to take a step further, you can follow these tips:

1. Infuse Originality

Don’t just list features; sell a lifestyle. Highlighting trendy and popular features of the property can set your listing apart from the others.

Mentioning unique attributes like “a private reading nook by the window” or “a rooftop garden perfect for evening relaxation” can help potential tenants visualise a lifestyle they aspire to.

2. Inject Style and Substance

The emphasis should be on what the unit offers a tenant. Use rich, evocative language that goes beyond the mundane.

For example, instead of saying “fully equipped kitchen”, describe it as a “gourmet kitchen perfect for culinary adventures”.

3. Maintain Precision and Professionalism

Keep your description concise yet informative. Aim for four to six sentences in a cohesive paragraph that captures the essence of your property.

Begin with two of your strongest features. Then, segue into a neighbourhood attraction.

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How to Highlight Your Property’s Unique Attractions

Every property has its charm. For some, it might be the hardwood flooring, and for others, it could be the energy-efficient fixtures. Highlight these features in your listing.

From advanced security systems to proximity to local amenities, every detail can make a difference.

If your property has a walk-in closet or a state-of-the-art kitchen, potential tenants should know about it.

You can also mention other perks, such as the latest smart home features embedded in your home or a complimentary dedicated parking spot.

Remember, outdoor spaces can be a major attraction, too. A cosy balcony or a private garden often becomes the decisive factor for many tenants.

Furthermore, shed light on the property management details. Some tenants find solace in knowing their concerns will be addressed promptly, making on-site management a potential draw.

Lastly, always ensure your descriptions adhere to the fair housing policy, maintaining professionalism and inclusivity.

How to Take Stellar Property Photos

A picture holds a thousand words, especially in property listings. Ensure your photos showcase well-lit rooms, highlighting the best angles and features of your property.

While it’s possible to achieve this with a good smartphone, considering a professional photographer isn’t a bad idea. Their expertise can elevate the visual appeal of your property.

And with picture editing tools, even decent photos can be transformed into eye-catching images that pull tenants towards your listing.

1. Staging Tips for Photographs

The devil is in the details when it comes to staging. Simple touches can drastically elevate your photos:

  • Add cushions to sofas for a comfy look
  • Draw back curtains to let in natural light
  • Position a laptop on a table to hint at functionality
  • Feature stylish TV setups or elegant shelving units
  • A potted plant or a vase of fresh flowers can add warmth and life to a room

Furthermore, focus on the lighting, ensuring rooms are well-lit, preferably with natural light. Also, choose angles that showcase the breadth and potential of a room.

2. Essential Areas to Photograph

Tenants wish to see the entirety of the space they’re considering. Thus, photograph:

  • All bedrooms
  • All bathrooms
  • The living room
  • The dining room
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry room
  • Shared spaces such as entryways, basements, gyms, patios, and more

Highlighting Outdoor Spaces

Often overlooked by landlords, outdoor spaces can be a significant attraction. Always include a shot of the building’s facade. If your property boasts outdoor amenities, ensure they’re highlighted.

What are the Common Pitfalls in Property Listings

As you craft your perfect listing, beware of common pitfalls. Adhering to the fair housing policy is non-negotiable. Also, avoid:

  • Overly long descriptions
  • Vagueness
  • Excessive capitalisation

Remember, professionalism is key. A listing riddled with grammatical errors can deter potential tenants, so ensure yours is impeccable.

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