Preparing Moving Out Letters: What Landlords Need To Know

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Preparing a moving out letter to your tenant is an essential task for a landlord, and—when done correctly—it is a practice that may be extremely helpful to your bottom line.

Finding a new tenant requires a lot of time and effort. In between cleaning, repairing damage, scheduling showings, and more, it is easy for the vacancy to drag on.

A strategic, detailed letter could help encourage tenants to move out on time and leave your space in good condition. This enables you to fill your vacancy more quickly.

Discover what moving out letters are and the benefits landlords can get from this document.

What is A Moving Out Letter?

At the end of a lease or rental agreement, if you or your tenant decides to end things, a moving out letter is necessary.

It clearly outlines the day the tenant must leave the property and the actions they must take before vacating.

In addition, you can use this letter to reduce the possibility of disputes and lay out your inspection procedures and expectations for the property once they have left.

Tenant turnover can be stressful and costly, but a moving out letter can help ease a landlord’s burdens.

If your tenant leaves your property in good condition, lesser time and money are needed for repairs. As a result, you can get a new tenant into your property faster.  

Benefits of Sending a Moving out Letter

When it is time for your tenant to move out, they often have questions – especially about their security deposit. A moving out letter can help answer your tenant’s questions and more:

Strengthen The Landlord-Tenant Relationship

  • Sending your tenant a moving out letter can help ensure that they leave on good terms. It also could serve as a formal ‘thank you’ to your tenant for choosing your property and abiding by your rental term agreements.

Ease The Moving Out Process For Tenants

  • A moving out letter highlights essential moving information and reduces potential miscommunications by having all move-out requirements listed in one place. It also helps reduce the possibility of disputes later on.

Gives Tenants Time To Act

  • When sent in advance, a move-out letter allows your tenant adequate time to complete all the required tasks.

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What To Include In a Tenant’s Moving Out Letter

The information included in a tenant’s moving-out letter will likely vary, as every rental property is different. However, there are several things you should include when preparing your moving out letter:

  • Your contact information
  • The date your tenant must move out along with an explanation (i.e., the lease has ended)
  • Outline the final inspection details and when the move-out inspection will be held
  • Whether you will do a walk-through with the tenant in person
  • Specific cleaning requirements
  • Detailed instructions for leaving keys behind
  • Details of the security deposit process, including how and when it will be returned

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Moving out letters are an essential part of being a professional, organised landlord. However, even the best-written letters are ineffective if sent to tenants who do not follow the rules.

For transitions between tenants to go smoothly, screening your rental applicants before signing a lease is essential. By thoroughly screening your applicants, you are more likely to find responsible tenants who will respect your property.

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