Rumah-i Standard (iS): Rental Amenities For All Properties

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Rental amenities often affect a potential tenant’s decision to sign a lease. Therefore, Rumah-i has come up with the Rumah-i Standard (iS) for our property owners to attract quality tenants or keep the ones they already have.

As people’s demands shift over the course of a lifetime, so do a rental community’s needs as a whole. That is why we at Rumah-i are constantly keeping up with rental property trends so that our landlords can offer amenities that tenants in Malaysia want.

The Rumah-I Standard (iS)

For all properties listed with Rumah-i, our landlords must ensure that they provide the amenities required by us.

Living Space Content

Your living space is one of the most used spaces in your rental home, which means it not only needs to look great but also needs to be functional and comfortable.

At Rumah-i, we want our tenants to have a comfy living experience. Therefore, we have listed several amenities our landlords must provide, including:

  • A bed frame and mattress (6 – 8”)
  • A desk and chair
  • Wardrobe space
  • An air conditioner and ceiling fan

Community Amenities

Community amenities are the features of a rental that make life easier and more enjoyable. These are amenities a landlord should offer in their properties to make them more appealing to renters.

Here are several property amenities that our landlords offer:

  • A dining set
  • A pantry or kitchen
  • An induction cooker
  • A microwave
  • A water filter
  • A fridge
  • A washing machine
  • A dryer or hanger
  • A shoe rack


Health has become increasingly important, and many renters are commonly in search of properties that offer these amenities. That is why our properties have:

  • A swimming pool
  • A gym


Every home, no matter the size, gets dirty. But sometimes, finding the time to clean when you’ve got a full schedule can feel impossible.

Do not worry, as we are here to make your living better. We provide scheduled cleaning services to ensure your rental remains clean and brand-new.

Other Amenities We Offer

  • Smart lock
  • Dedicated storage space
  • Wi-Fi

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Our Amenities

Here’s a look at some of the amenities we offer:

Quality Rental Amenities

At Rumah-i, we aim to create a benchmark for the living standard in Malaysia. We ensure that our landlords have the essential amenities and upgrades to make their property more desirable and cater to the modern needs of renters today.

If you’re looking to transform your rental home, we offer a comprehensive property management package to solve your needs.

Moreover, with our housekeeping, moving, maintenance and laundry services, as well as home makeovers by Livspace, you know that you can have a comfortable living experience when you rent with us.

If you are interested in learning more, you can contact us for more information.


- Entitle ONE time rental collection service for free

- Rental collection service for free is limited to FIRST 1,000 properties which engage the service and is for pre-launch registered owners only.

- Tenancy agreement must be prepared by Rumah-i.